Elephant fighter Sathmari


Rampage Elephant Fight, Sathmari

Elephants looks good from distance or might look good as pets, but a roaring elephant can be fatal.

No one wants to cut the path of a roaring elephant or stay for wind of such elephant, But Kolhapur was an exception to that.

Here the furious elephant was being roared over and over again and when he came running, an adventure game was being played to give him a chuckle.

In Kolhapur, where wrestling and football are played, the game of rampage elephant fight was also very popular for a long time.


There is a lawn tennis court on one side of Shahu Stadium on the banks of Ravaneshwar Lake. The place is known as Sathmari. Today, a tennis ball is tossed from here to there. But then it was a popular game to play with a rampage Elephants running from one end to another.

Memories of this heartbreaking game are still somewhat alive today.

The remains of the Sathmari are still on the tennis courts of Shahu Stadium. The main entrance to Sathmari is in front of Ingwale’s Chal. There are two stone statues of elephants at the entrance.

Through that door, the elephant was brought to the battlefield. There were small barges in the shape of a bastion in the field. Where the players used to hide. So when the rampage elephant enters the field he could not see the players hiding undernith.

Taking this opportunity, some players would come out of the bastion in a blink of an eye and stab the elephant with a spear. And before the elephant attacks the player used to hide again.

This game of cheating the elephant used to last for an couple of hours.

A big crowd used to gather on the side of the field to watch this game. Every moment of this game was shocking.

Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Rajaram Maharaj had saved this adventure game.

Agility coupled with courage

The game was just about being bold and not running. Agility with courage was just as important.

If there was no agility, the end of the player would have been decided.

Shahu Maharaj saw this game of sathmari in Baroda and started it in Kolhapur. Not just in Kolhapur, but in Panhala and Radhanagari Arenas where built.

Work on the arena at Kolhapur started on November 21, 1913 and ended on October 14, 1916.

Engineer of the Institute

Raosaheb Vichare did a strong construction of Sathmari. Tayyab Ali Bhori was the contractor.

Today we have Sathmari, But instead of elephants on that ground, Tenis has a game; But the memories of the Sathmari are still alive in the form of this ground.


  • Rajarshree Shahu Maharaj Stadium , Sathmari, Mangalwar Peth, Kolhapur.
  • 0231 2641 763
  • Giverned by: Kolhapur Sports association
  • Opening time : 7: AM
  • Closing time : 7: 00 PM
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