Rankala Lake

Sandhya math Rankala Lake Kolhapur

Rankala Lake Kolhapur

Rankala Lake, is the most famous tourist attraction in Kolhapur, for both tourists as well as the Kolhapurkars.

Kolhapurkar’s love spending time here. It is one of the best places among most people.

Rankala is a must-visit place if you’re travelling to Kolhapur.

A beautiful lake surrounded by amazing structure, garden, city view, and of course the Shalini Palace.

Rankala is only on walking distance west from Shree Mahalaxmi temple.

If you do walking from Mahalaxmi temple to Rankala, which I personally suggest. You will enjoy the amazing street shopping experience on Mahadwar road.

There are three gardens on the sore of Rankala Lake. One is in front of Shalini Palace. It is where you can enjoy boating in the water of the lake.

One is on the other side of Shalini palace. And one is just after Sandhyamath.

I’ll also recommend you to enjoy the street food here. Street food is one of the main reason I hang out at Rankala. :p


Rankala was dug as a stone quarry in 8th century. Later the underground water flooded the query in the 9th century after the earthquake, thus the quarry became a lake.

The name Rankala adopted from the Rankabhairav temple which is believed to be submerged at the centre of the lake.

This historical lake has a temple nearby with a big Nandi. Nandi is a vahan of shiva. (As per Hindu mythology Lord Shiva uses Nandi for travelling).

The locals believe that the Nandi moves about a distance of a single wheat grain towards the lake and back about a distance of single rice grain daily.

It is also said that when this nandi reaches the lake the whole world will be destroyed.


Sandhya Math:

The circumference of the lake is 4.5 miles. Sandhya Math was built on the east banks of this lake.

This is where you might get a chance to get inside rankala in summer as the water level decreases.

Lots of locals kids and adults visit sandyamath to enjoy swimming in the lake.

Sandhya math Rankala Lake Kolhapur

Shalini Palace:

Shalini Palace was built on the north side bank of the Rankala lake. The palace was built in 1931-34 at a cost of Rs. 800,000 and was named after Princess Shalini Raje of Kolhapur.

Nowadays entry to the Shalini palace is prohibited. but you can still enjoy the amazing historic Palace from Rankala.

Shalini palace Rankala Kolhaour

Padmaraje Garden:

Padmaraje garden is on the north-east side makes the scene of this lake enchanting.

The south-east bank of the lake has been developed into a pathway, park and sit-outs. There are local fast food stalls, horse-riding for children and boating on the lake as part of the tourist attraction.

The Distance between Rankala Lake to Mahalaxmi Temple is less than a Kilometer from the Mahadwar (West Entry). You can enjoy street shopping on your way to Rankala lake.

Rankala at it's glance

Direction to Rankala Lake Kolhapur

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